Is There A Set Class Schedule?2019-10-01T15:45:18-04:00

The class schedule is set. Most of the time the class schedule is set for 8 weeks.

If I Have A Medical Condition Or Injuring Can I Still Participate In Class?2019-10-01T15:44:57-04:00

Yes. Certified Iyengar yoga teachers are trained to handle many medical conditions and injuries and can modify the postures so you will not harm yourself.

Is it okay to bring my water bottle and drink water during class?2019-10-01T15:44:33-04:00

It is not okay to bring your water bottle and drink water or any other liquid during a yoga class unless you have a medical condition. While performing yoga postures the digestive system is quiet and it’s best to maintain it this way until your practice is finished. If you drink liquids even water during yoga the digestive system starts working and interferes with your practice.

Do I Need Any Prior Yoga Experience?2019-10-01T15:43:52-04:00

If you’re attending the beginners class then you don’t need any prior yoga experience however if you’re attending the mixed level class or intermediate level class then you should have previous Iyengar yoga experience.

What do I wear to class?2019-09-27T16:50:29-04:00

The best clothes to wear for the class are shorts and a tank top so the teacher can see your knees and shoulders and bare feet.

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