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The karmendriyas (arms and legs-organs of action) work for the benefit of the spine. But when the transferring junctions of the body, the shoulders and hips are tight, immobile, stuck the work of the karmendriyas may not reach the spine leaving the spine to bare the brunt.

In this workshop, we will work with the karmendriyas to open the armpits, shoulder joints, groins, hips, sacrum. With this openness created in these major junctions of the body we find the freedom for the spine, in the spine, increasing our ROM (Range of Mobility). So in essence this workshop should be called Freedom for the Spine Workshop.

This workshop is suitable for Iyengar Yoga practitioners of 2 years or more, people who suffer from headaches, neck issues, sacral issues, sciatica, and for all the aforementioned in the above paragraphs. Modifications and alternatives will be given for menses.

Hybrid. In-person $30, Zoom $25.00.

Must be fully vaccinated for In-Person!

Bring your own mat!

Bring 1 rolled hand towel or 2 face cloths or 1 head-wrap.

Space is limited to 15!

Address: 4529 Rue Clark, Studio 310 Montréal (Québec) H2T 2T3

For In-Person registration send payment by e-transfer to: tim@planetyoga.ca
For Zoom registration click here

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