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The breath is our life force. Without breath, we don’t exist.

This workshop is also good for Circulation, Anxiety, Immune System, Fatigue, and Depression

$30 in-person, $25 Zoom

(Not suitable during menses. Should have at least 1 year of Iyengar Yoga practice)

In this workshop, we will learn to open the chest, do poses that encourage back breathing which helps reach the back portion of the lungs. The muscle fibers of the intercostal muscles will find the freedom to spread, the diaphragm softens, the brains become quiet, and the organic body will settle down.

You will observe the breath in each pose. This practice may lead you to value the breath in a new way and find a new appreciation for your pranayama practice.

Address: 4529 Rue Clark, Studio 310 Montréal (Québec) H2T 2T3

To register choose a button below then send your payment by e-transfer to tim@planetyoga.ca. This workshop will not be recorded.

For Zoom participants, you’ll need two chairs (any kind of chair without armrests), 1-2 bolsters or at least one bolster, and several blankets to fold up to the size of a bolster, 2-3 blankets, 2 blocks, 2 yoga belts ( one will work, two are better). If you don’t have all the props then have the creativity to use household items in place of props.

For in-person, you must show proof of vaccination and bring your own mat!

Space is limited to 15 students and 1 teacher!

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In-person Registration

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